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70 Replies to “Evrimleşen kumarhane için cleo”

  1. OMG 🤣🤣 Loved Suki’s reaction time getting all 3 sphinx 😂🤣😂 That was hilarious. I really enjoyed this group pull. Thanks for sharing Brian😊

  2. Omg Suqi was so cute 😂🤣 her late reaction to the bonus was hahaha 😂🤣
    How much fun and entertaining as always 🤣
    Stay safe and healthy 🥰❤️

  3. Hi Brian and all the group pull pla-yerrrrrrrs! Nice to see Britt starting the action off😊!! That Sphinx was playing hard to get😒! But, everyone is leaving with $75 in their pockets, so Id say this was another winnnnnnning group pull😀!! Take care of yourselves!!

  4. You gotta love suki. She so happy going wild 🙂 awesome reaction. Lovely video

  5. That was a tough group pull with the lack of line hits to keep you going but looked like everyone was having lots of fun 👍❤😁

  6. Hi Brian!
    Another FABULOUS GROUP PULL. THANKS SO MUCH! GREAT to see Britt play too!
    👍👍👍 😷STAY😷HOME😷STAY😷SAFE😷 😎😎😎

  7. How can you say that it was a winning group pull in the end? Because you guys actually lost some of you money that you guys put in to start? Or you Just got used to saying that phrase? “Winning group pull in the end even if it is a losing one ?🤔 just be realistic here. Nonetheless it was a fun video

    1. It was a win because we had a great time together and got a lot of entertainment for our money!

  8. who is the girl who is always with you, sister, girlfriend, assistant?

    1. Thank you. A very good assistant from what I have seen. She keeps you straight on your toes.

  9. Thank You for your videos and adventures on your Rudies Cruise. 😉😎

  10. Win-lose ALWAYS a Wiiiiining Group Pull video. Suki (sp?) luvs w/U windex…Congrats on that bonus.

    1. Take a look at the video description. This was filmed months ago. 🤣

  11. hey Brian hope you are doing well during all this…of course this is the slot that got me addicted … maybe I will be able to get on next years cruise

  12. Was a fun group pull on the Cruise 🚢 Excited for the next one 🕺🕺-The Boyz

  13. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Sure wish we had been able to make this cruise! Can’t wait until October

  14. love the videos thank you for the escape from the madness that is life right now.

  15. Good morning 🌞🌞 Brian! Enjoyed video today thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day, love and hugs friend Smiles 😁❤️ Bonnie

  16. I love seeing Britt without a mask. She is such a lovely person. First time Ive seen her in a Group Spin. I love you also Brian. OMG who was screaming with excitement? They are nice and enthusiastic. Good Luck to everyone.

  17. Never give up hope

    Think positive
    It only takes one spin to erase all your losses

    Great words for gamblers to live by….

  18. Been waiting to see the footage from Rudies Cruise! Finally! Stay save all.

    1. You might want to go back a couple days then! This is the 7th or so cruise video!

  19. Hi Brian.. I was rooting for all of you … Miss Cleo was bad today…. ( and she is one of my favorites too ) ….

  20. This is so cool to watch. Been on The Oasis six times until we switched to the Harmony. Ive played that machine on that wall. The only one there at the time. Enjoyed the group pull….as always.

  21. Hello Brian truly enjoyed your videos. Thank you and please enjoy your day.

  22. And Britt looked beautiful 🥰 nice to see her in front of the camera 🤗

  23. Well..did Suki win a car?..she was a little excited! Thanks Brian! I LOVE THE GROUP PULLS!!!

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