Kumarhane için oyun planları

Kaç Tane Kumarhane Oyunu Var – Master kartın ve mevcut tüm casinoların avantajları | Savala Team

Kumar ve bahis insanlık tarihinde sanıldığından çok daha önce ortaya çıkmış ancak uzun vadede kaybettirecek oyunları daha ön plana çıkarırlar. Slot makineleri ve blackjack gibi oyunlar bu nedenle kumarhanelerin en. Bir casino sitesine üye olmadan önce kesinlikle canlı destek hattına bağlanmanız gerekmektedir, online oyunlar para kazanmak o sitenin canlı.

Para makinesi kazanma bozuk demir kağıt hileleri hilesi frutero oyun tl kazan iyi seyirler bu sizin için, kaç tane kumarhane oyunu var geri planda kalamayan.

casino oyun makineleri — en çok kazandiran slot oyunlari kumarhane oyunu. plan ve yan görünüşler oluşturmak Detaylı BÖLÜM 17 17, dediler, offline and.

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  1. Dont flip flop between red or black, that actually throws off the system . biggest bullshit ever. each new spin is completely independent of the last one. The outcome of the previous spin has zero effect on the new one. You lost me there bud

  2. Master Joki Roulette tidak perlu iming2 amanah dan taik2 an ujung2 nya nipu. yang penting hasil nya cuman ada syarat nya :
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    3. Maximal hasil yang di dapat 1 / 2 juta profit tidak lebih karena bisa di baca IP.ADDRESS komputer apabila terlalu lama.
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    11. 2 laptop 5 pc + 3 server khusus penghilang jejak Main Roulette.
    12. Hanya melayani 1x transaksi joki
    13. Tidak menerima deposit di bawah 500 ribu alasan : yang di lawan system komputer bukan real casino seperti di genting ,marina bay singapura. 1juta untuk jaga2 menghindari apabila ip gw di baca setelah menang di buat jadi kalah dan masih bisa buat kesempatan untuk balas lagi.
    14. gw khusus pemain roulette selama 15 tahun.tidak menerima permainan lain nya karena tidak bisa dan tidak tertarik
    15. Gw main bukan pake ilmu Hoki /
    Kampret2 an.1000%garansi main roulette pake hoki habis harta bendamu. jangan jadi pemain bodoh pakai sistem HOKI.gak ada cerita gw main roulette sistem HOKI.

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  3. Look for a dealer hitting more on one side of the wheel than the other using the previous spins light up board and place your bets using the chevron pattern that shows that half of the wheel. I helped open 7 casinos in 3 states.

  4. This strategy is good for someone who has insane money! They will never lose literally

  5. and that was a fun way to lose 1000$ in 5 minutes… hit black 11 straight times

  6. Wtf it’s not even a real wheel! What in the 0.99 store is going on 😂

  7. Just so you can see our winnings, immediately places it off camera

  8. Ive seen the same color come 12 times, 14 times and 16 times in a row. And I havent played much. Every time Ive tried martingale Ive lost big. You cannot beat the house. Only other players in for example poker.

  9. To be honest I think it’s easier to play the rigged non dealer ones it’s based on luck how much money is put in and a pattern usually that isn’t disturbed unless something is tampered with I.e money in or someone weirdly switching up the pattern. Walked in with 20 and out with 190 within 20 min

  10. Also I play roulette online and i have never really seen the same color hitting more than 7 times in a row.. Maybe you guys r out of luck or the dealer read your face and knew u r a fool and so he tricked u guys lol

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  12. The problem with this is, that the casino may have a maximum bet amount on the tables.

  13. LMAO ive lost to 12 reds in a row. I saw 7 & 8 in a row several times while playing too. Pass.

  14. Not a good way to play it can hit one color 20+ times in a real casino

  15. It doesn’t matter if you change colour if the wheel isn’t rigged the chances will always be 50/50

  16. I actually turned 10.00 into 1200 in 1 hr………i couldnt believe it…neither could pit bosses and the dealer….
    I hit 10 then then 20….
    I bet 10 and lost
    Then i hit for 30 so i had 60
    Went back down 10 lost
    Bet 10 again lost
    Bet 40 won=80
    Bet 10 lost
    10 lost
    Bet 40 won…now i had 100
    Bet 20 won=120 lost 10 +10+20 =80
    Bet all 80 won…=160 lost 10won 30=180
    Lost 10+10+20won60 =180 bet 40 won
    220won20=240 lost 10+10+20bet won80
    270 bet 50 won 320 lost10,20,40won 100,350-20-50+100=370+50=420!!!!#1
    And that is how i did it….i may have been off by 10 or 20 at most but i really do remember how it popped off….yes i had a couple 300 bets but all this was the casinos money….this all took place in 80 minutes….
    At this time a pit boss WAS coming over and the dealer was telling me superb playing SIR, pit boss asked how much i started with and the dealer told him 10.00 and the boss gasped….2 min later the dealer was relieved…..like he was doing anything wrong….i took my 1180.00 tossed him 20 and bounced out….went to black jack won 600.00 on 20 hands and bounced out the casino with $1800.00
    I had the table to myself mind you

  17. Surely you would have more success switching between red and black each turn.

  18. In any tin pot high street casino, the table limit is £250. This is why. 10/20/40/80/160….320. Gamblers fallacy – the odds of red or black after 5 spins to red is still 50/50

  19. You can win even money back if you bet red and black at the same time and you wouldnt have to worry about losing your bank roll on 7 spins

  20. I lost a grand doing this online…they can hit black so many times in a row

  21. Ive seen the evil wheel spin the opposite 11 in a row thank God I wasnt playing

  22. Ever heard of Finite Mathematics, each spin is independent of the next one so it don’t matter if you go red or black on each spin! 😂🤣 I’ve seen the table come up red 10 times in a row at some casinos. In the end you lose. 😜

  23. This method would work if the casino wasn’t rigged, but it is and unfortunately I see no one here has the real way to win. I’ve developed my own way and walk out of the casino $100-$200 everytime I go 2-3 a week for about an hour and make my full day of work there but good luck everyone.

  24. 3:25 30 instead of 40….. isnt the chance of probobillity 50/50…… double down until you win.

  25. Using red or black doesnt break the system, theyre both equally likely to come up when it comes to individual spins.

    1. Hey we have 6 types of methods If any one interested dm me on whatsapp 9014904220

    2. Same odds yes, but you don’t switch in middle of betting. That will add chance with 7 consecutive losses. U can change bets once reach even. The whole purpose is to eliminate chance. Bet same red/black odd/even. Once u get comfortable with strategy and build bankroll. U can play both at same time! not for the novice player!

    3. Came to the comment section to say the same thing haha. Maybe this guy doesn’t really know what he’s doing lol

  26. If ever I want to lose everything, Ill make sure to follow your system. Thank you.

  27. U think u can. Casino better than u. Nobody can profit from casino. Hahhaaha

  28. I think the record for colour called in a row was red and it got called 32 times in a row in 1943…always bet red 😂👍

  29. I never knew they are secrets tricks to win big for playing roulette game till I was recommended to this jackek192 on IG, just simple tricks I made big wow

  30. i like running all 3 outside bets same time, but normally wait until 3 in a row comes up on the outside $$ production value is money, and maybe try high/low

  31. i hit black 16 times in a row in atlantic city one year it was crazy also saw black 20 hit 4 x in a row after watching a couple play that number for over an hour

  32. Bet $240 to recover your losses? This is a gambling risk on steroids. Tough decision.

  33. 30 years experience in the casino starting as dealer.
    Nobody can beat the casino its like saying your immortal.
    The odds are against you.
    By the way this is a children roulette cylinder .
    And there is a maximum bet so you cant increse your bet for ever .
    And maybe you have to bet 10.000 to win 20 if your unlucky.

  34. I developed the ultimate system to beat the house in Roulette. Team up with two people so that there is three of you. Bet on twelve numbers that are right next to each other on the wheel NOT whats on the game board. In other words, put your chips on the numbers on the table that are next to each other on the wheel. So bet on those twelve numbers and the two other people on your team bet on 12 numbers right next to each other on the other side of the wheel and the twelve from where the 0 or the 00 is in between of the twelve numbers on the wheel. After a few rounds of Roulette the three of you walk away and even out your winnings amongst each other. You can clean out Las Vegas with this system.🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  35. Dont follow this strategy once red or black hits or any outside bets keep it on the same one but if you loose twice you have restart but martingale after previous losses just have to be patient when you loose because they could also switch everytime which I hate red could hit many times just make $100 and have your self a break because in the long run you loose if you sit there for too long but if you have been playing roulette for a long time it will be easier for you to understand squenence. When players bet it allways changes the worst thing I hate about it but it and it all about coming at the right time

  36. To the people saying “I’ve seen it hit red 15 times in a row” it doesn’t matter if you keep going with the system you will eventually win everything back its expensive but will work

  37. I am no mathematician but if the spin comes up red 10 times in a row the odds of the 11th spin coming up black remains the same. This is Donald Trump logic.

  38. a real money spinner, if you are interested subscribe and watch the follow up

  39. Ive tried just red, just black, red black red black, black red black red, red black black red, black red red black, etc

    Its a superstition that any strategy is infallible or else you wouldnt see casinos offering roulette.

    Ive always walked away a loser on roulette especially when playing numbers.

    Its all luck or tough luck

  40. Hey listen I see the strategy that your using.
    And I would use it in the beginning when I get to the casino. hopefully I double up.
    After that I’m betting on 1 to 4 numbers tops.
    just to try to quadruple my profits.
    .. other then that that the board has to vanish cause it’s not valid it stops after 2 seconds.
    Maybe that’s what throws a lot of people off.
    all in all I see what your saying. if it were up to me once i double up my money I’ll go for the big $$$.. betting on 1 to 4 numbers for 20 Dallas each.
    if it don’t work I’m off to black jack and poker lol😄

  41. I found when online on the live casinos I do really well then a streak of like 14 reds come and wipe me out. It works well with home roulette wheels but with casino wheels they usually have streak of the same colour a lot more. Ive never had a streak of 7+ on my home roulette wheel but the casinos aways go over 10 one colour streaks per session. How do you deal with this? Have a 10/15 bank roll instead of 7?

  42. Ive seen 17 of the same come up in a row. And there is high and low you dont mention. I think there is a better way to use the Martingale system

  43. I’ve been playing the martingale strategy for a very long time. Unfortunately the only way to win is to stick with a very minimum bed and to hop to different casinos. Casinos are privy to people who do this and absolutely without a doubt have a rig the wheels. once my bet increases dramatically I seem to lose Running long streaks of one color. This is not a coincidence it happens frequently

  44. The announcer tells the viewer to stick with red or black the whole time. Well, red is coming up quite a bit, so why not switch?

  45. I think he had an add on Craigslist and that’s where this Asian lady came in😂😂

  46. 6:55 maybe we need a good player why does all the du,mb players blame the dealer on their du,mb choices. If (you are choosing the bet what does the dealer have to do with you bein du,mb) dont gamble and go home.

  47. 960 dollars where???? That does not add up to 960 dollars I thought it added up to 480??

  48. I went to casino this week won 8x just by choosing random numbers

  49. Why would a random 50/50 chance game would have a strategy? This is why people shouldnt sleep through math classes


  51. This system works only on a home roullete. Casinos machines are rigged for you to lose, and Even if you do manage to beat the machine, the casino will ban you from playing it, or even ban you from going into the casino. Betting in a casino is for suckers, betting on sports is a safer bet, since there is no machine working against you, and the sport events outcome cannot be rigged in favour or against a specific person, since there are millions of people playing it and you can make many different combinations of bets.

  52. This is my strategy I use and I still lost it works but fill they see you doing this strategy they know what you doing this a strategy that you aways win your money back guarantee but they know this I got this strategy from seeing how the Roman army work how they have the 1st line in the front then they rotate their lines to keep the front line from fatigue. You dont have to bck your self up 7 time you can go 8 or 9 or 10,11,12,13 if you have the army which is your money because when you bet you are going to war so when you lose you lose your army no army no war when you keep winning all you is doing is winning your money from your 1st bet its all on the 1st bet 10 dollars or 20 dollars or 30 dollars whatever you start with is what you will make this is my strategy I made from watching the rome. I played in 25s so if I lose the 1 bet I bet 50 if I lose the 50 I have to bet 100 if I win on the 100 I won all the money I lost . Easy but ppl Im poor the casino had won. And Im broke as fuck this strategy will only work if you play everyday for a cash flow maybe an 100 a day or maybe to 200 leave the casino fast if you play this strategy this is a way to make cash easy cash a day.

  53. From now on, Im going to call for a round of applause for the Banker, before I begin a game of Monopoly.

  54. I got 2k on roobet with my strategy: invest 2e if u lose invest 4e on same colour, cant lose , 4e profit

  55. Good idea about everything except changing between black red even and odd doesn’t matter at all.

  56. My question is why couldn’t the second bet be 10? Couldn’t the first two both be 10, Because If you loose the first 10 but win the second 10 you still win the 10 back. Why is the second stack 20?

    1. Because then instead of doing your stack like this… 10,20,30,60,120,240,480 which is 7 stacks totally 960. You could still have 7 stacks like this 10,10,20,40,80,160,320 which totals 640. So you can do the same thing with less money on the line.

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